Fall Conference

2017 NWG Fall Conference will be held Oct. 20-21. Save the date!
2016 NWG Fall Conference 
Our 2016 Fall Conference was held on October 14th and 15th in Aurora, NE
Where: The Leadership Center, 2211 Q St (E Hwy 34), Aurora, Nebraska
When: October 14th from 3:00pm-9:00pm, and October 15th starting at 8:00am
Early Member Registration (Before Oct. 1st) - $65 
Member Registration (After Oct. 1st) - $85
Non-Member Registration - $85
(Cost does not include lodging. You may eat lunch at the Leadership Center for an additional $11.50.) 
Carrie Pestritto (Prospect Literary Agency)
Carrie Pestritto joined Prospect Agency in 2011 after working as an assistant at Writers House. With a B.A. in English from Amherst College, she has experienced all sides of the publishing industry, having worked as a ghostwriter, freelance writer, and as an intern in the editorial acquisitions department of the Greenwood Publishing Group. As an agent, she loves the thrill of finding new authors with strong, unique voices and working closely with her clients to develop their ideas and manuscripts.

For Carrie, extraordinary fiction and non-fiction share the ability to transport readers to new and exciting places. As a history and mythology buff, she is intrigued by books that introduce her to another culture or time period. She is looking for description and detail that will make her feel like she is inside the story and interest her in a subject she never thought she would want to read about—or, conversely, introduce her to startling facts about something or someone she believed she already knew everything about. 

Title:  Learning to Think Marketing the Right Way (subject to rewite by Carrie, but feel free to use now so we can get the information up and the registration posted.)

A critical part of marketing (that terrifying part of writing that sometimes keeps even excellent writing from ever being published) lives in your brain. As a writer, you need to learn how to think of marketing yourself and your novel pre-publication. Some say even pre-writing. This sets up a mindset to learn and enact the necessary steps every author needs to build their audience and gain an agent's/publisher's notice.

Taylor Stevens 
Taylor is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Vanessa Michael Munroe series. Published in over twenty languages and optioned for film by James Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, the books are international boots-on-the-ground thrillers featuring a mercenary information hunter in a female mix of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher.
Stevens came to writing fiction late. Like many aspiring authors she had no credentials or platform, and no direct route into the publishing world. Unlike most, she came from a life of cultural isolation without access to the books, movies, music, or pop-culture that many authors take for granted. Born into an apocalyptic cult and raised in communes across the globe, she was denied an education beyond 6th grade and spent her adolescence as child labor, cooking and cleaning for up to a hundred at a time, caring for younger commune children, or out on the streets begging on behalf of commune leaders.
This self-taught path allows Stevens to teach from a ground up perspective that’s easy to understand and apply. She will be offering an insider’s look on the mechanics of storytelling, writing, the publishing industry, agents, and the process of getting a book into print. Much of the session will be Q&A format tailored to your specific needs. Bring your best questions.
Victorine E. Lieske
Victorine self-published her first book, Not What She Seems, in April of 2010. In March of 2011, Not What She Seems began its 6 week run on The New York Times best selling eBook list. By May 2011 she had sold over 100,000 copies. Victorine's first romantic comedy novel hit the USA Today Best selling books list in January 2015.
Victorine is active in many writing groups and forums and has given dozens of interviews for TV, radio and print media and has been a panel member and keynote speaker at several major events, including The Business of Writing International Summit. She served as a judge for the 2015 Whitney Awards. Because of her selfless service to fellow authors through assistance with critiquing, beta reading and graphic design, she was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the CIR Strong Award, named for late Clean Indie Reads forum member Jessica Strong.
Title: The Secrets of BookBub
If you’re lucky enough to land a BookBub promotion, you are in for a great ride. The vast majority of books that BookBub promotes soar in the rankings, sell hundreds to thousands of books, and have enough of a boost to sell well for weeks afterward. Most books earn 2 to 10 times the cost of the ad. Afterward, many settle into a higher ranking than before the BookBub ad. Victorine will give you the lowdown on what BookBub is, what kinds of books they are looking for, how to make your submission look better to them, and what you need to do if you want to use BookBub to try to make it on the USA Today and NYT’s best seller lists.
Sabrina Sumsion
Sabrina is a former literary publicist, an author, speaker, and all around awesome person. She has spoken at several Guild events, and often people tell us she was the favorite of the event. She has presented to writers groups across the nation, and has been interviewed on local and national television. She is currently serving as Publicist Chair of the NWG.
Title: Effective Social Media for Busy Authors 101
Social Media is the buzz word these days. Authors are told to have a social media presence, but there are many ways to waste time. This presentation covers the basics of marketing and how social media works. Learn the 3 main parts to consider as you create your online presence and learn what traps to avoid as you're planning out your campaign. 
Fall Conference Agents:
Carrie Pestritto (Prospect Literary Agency)
What She Is Looking For - 

Carrie is currently seeking:

  • Narrative non-fiction
  • Biography and memoir
  • Commercial fiction with a literary twist
  • Fresh chick lit
  • Contemporary romance
  • Upmarket women's fiction
  • Near-historical fiction (from about the Gilded Age on)
  • Mystery/thrillers for a female audience
  • High-concept YA fantasy
  • Diverse YA and upper MG
  • MG with a quirky voice
  • Biographical, educational, or cultural picture books

For non-fiction projects, she looks for authors that have a strong platform, such as a popular blog, published articles, or related professional experience. She loves memoirs that bring her into a very atypical life situation, such as Suzanne McMinn's Chickens in in the Road, and non-fiction that reveals little-known aspects of history. Cutting edge relationship or dieting books, pop psychology, and pop science also interest her.

In the fiction arena, she is drawn in by relatable characters, fantastic voices, strong heroines, unusual premises, or re-imaginings of classical books. She loves feeling connected with characters and immersed in the world she is reading about, whether that be 19th century Holland or a land ruled by elemental magic.

She is not currently interested in heavy, adult science fiction/fantasy or picture books that do not fit the parameters listed above.

Naomi Davis, Founder/Literary Agent, Inklings Literary Agency – (via Skype)
In fiction, Naomi is interested in Romance of any variety including Paranormal, fresh Urban Fantasy, general Fantasy, New Adult, and light Sci-Fi, as well as upper Young Adult stories in those categories.
In non-fiction, Naomi prefers memoirs that teach readers a new way of looking at real human situations, especially (but not limited to) memoirs about living with disabilities, facing criticism, and mental illness.
Amanda Jain, Associate Agent, Inklings Literary Agency –(via Skype)
Amanda is primarily interested in adult fiction in the following categories: historical fiction (in all genres), women’s / book club / upmarket fiction, romance (particularly historical, suspenseful, or with a comedic bent), mysteries (particularly historical or cozy, or historical cozies), and narrative nonfiction in the areas of social history, archaeology, art history, material culture, etc. She is also interested in select YA and MG projects with unique hooks and a strong voice. 
In all cases, what Amanda is most looking for is a story that completely immerses the reader in the world of the book. She wants to feel the sun on her shoulders, smell the smoke of the battlefield, and hear the horses galloping in the distance.
Amanda is NOT the agent to query with picture books, memoirs, self-help, poetry, erotica, science fiction and fantasy, horror, or inspirational fiction.
Linda Camacho, Literary Agent , Prospect Literary Agency—(via Skype)
Return agent, Linda Camacho is currently seeking: Adult, middle grade, and young adult fiction across all genres (romance, horror, fantasy, realistic, light sci-fi, and graphic novels). Select literary fiction (preferably with commercial bent) and picture books (both writers and illustrators welcome). Select narrative nonfiction and memoir. Diversity of all types (ethnicity, disability, sexuality, etc.). Linda is NOT seeking: Early readers/chapter books, screenplays, poetry, and short stories. The best way to get an idea of her taste is by checking out her Top Reads at http://www.prospectagency.com.
Due to their popularity, Verbal Pitch Reviews will again be available on Friday afternoon. To prepare study up  at (a link to the documentation we used at the Spring Conference).
Raffle/Drawing: With a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as the center piece of the Spring Conference Raffle, what surprise can we expect for the Drawing at Fall Conference. Come See!
Schedule of Events:


3:00pm - 5:00pm        Verbal Pitch Reviews

6:00pm - 7:00pm        Registration & Reception

7:00pm - 9:30pm        Open Mic Night



7:00am                        Light Breakfast (free – in Conference Room)

8:00am                        Registration

8:30am                        Welcome and Announcements

9:00am                       Victorine Lieske - The Secrets of BookBub

10:00am-10:30am      Break/Networking

10:30am                    Carrie Pestritto –Needed Mindset for Success

11:30am-1:30pm        Lunch and Networking

1:30pm                      Taylor Stevens – Lessons from the Self-Taught Path

2:30pm-3:00pm          Break/Networking

3:00pm                      Sabrina Sumsion - Effective Social Media for Busy Authors 101

4:00pm                        Business Meeting/Door Prizes


After Conference Community Give Back Events:


7:00pm                        Author Showcase – Taylor Stevens

                                    Indigo Bridge Books in Lincoln


1:00pm                        Author Showcase – Taylor Stevens

                                    The Bookworm in Omaha


The Leadership Center has lodging available. You can find more information here.