Fall Conference 2018 Consultations

Wondering if you want to sign up for a consultation? Check out these companies to see if you would like to discuss their services:
Concierge Marketing, Inc. is experienced and proven in their ability to provide top-notch publishing services from end to end. They can help you navigate the differences in self-publishing, print-on-demand, traditional publishing to the wide variety of formats for e-books and printed books. They can help you understand the industry and which method of publishing is best for you.
Their publishing services range from editing or ghost-writing, book cover and interior design, illustration, indexing, getting endorsements and reviews, and everything in between, to helping you with book marketing and publicity plans tailored to your book's needs. They can also arrange printing, book storage, distribution, and fulfillment. Schedule a time to see if they might be the one-stop-shop for your book publishing project!


Diane Siefkes prides herself on a one-on-one approach to help her clients simplify the world of online marketing. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of how much time, energy and patience launching and running a digital media strategy would take, you may want to see if DK Solutions is your answer to simplifying and focusing your marketing and business strategies. DK Solutions offers different levels of service for email and social media marketing, including options Specific to LinkedIn.


Founded in 1994, Infusionmedia specializes in professional book design and book publishing, which includes professional-level copyediting on all our projects. Infusionmedia also offers marketing and design services, including website development, managed WordPress hosting, content marketing, advertising design, marketing collateral and branding.
Located in Lincoln’s Haymarket, Infusionmedia is close enough to give personal attention to NWG members. Schedule a time to talk about your project and explore if there’s a good fit for you to work together.