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RG3557.AM:               Nebraska Writers’ Guild (Neb.)


                                    Records:  1923-2006

                                    Nebraska:  Organization of Professional Writers

                                    Size: 4.5 cu.ft.




The Nebraska Writers’ Guild was organized in 1925 for the “promotion of good fellowship among Nebraska writers (by residence or affiliation); to encourage the recognition of professional writing and writers in the production of fine literature; and to foster the development of the talent of those who desire to write and who show definite possibilities of authorship.”


Active members, admitted only by vote of the Executive Council, must be persons who have “published and placed on sale through the regular channels of the book trade one or more books and/or have received payment for fiction, verse, or articles accepted by magazines or newspapers of recognized merit.”


The Guild holds two meetings a year and publishes a Bulletin and a Newsletter.  It has held book fairs to display publications of members, and in 1967 it published an anthology of members’ writings.




This collection of the records of the Nebraska Writers’ Guild, consisting of three boxes of manuscript material and eight oversize items shelved with the collection, is arranged in ten series:  1) Minutes, 1933-1942; 2) Correspondence, 1929-1976; 3) Biographical and bibliographical information about Nebraska writers; 4) Financial records, 1943-1965; 5) Programs, 1928-1966; 6) Publications of the Nebraska Writers’ Guild, 1929-1976; 7) Records regarding publication of the Anthology, 1967-1968; 8) Scrapbooks, 1930-1985; 9) Clippings, 1923-1963; and 10) Miscellany.  See also the addendum of materials added in 2008.


The most significant portions of this collection, containing information about the lives and work of Nebraska writers, can be found in Series Three, Six and Eight.  Series Three contains membership application forms and survey questionnaires, which were completed by Nebraska writers and returned to the Guild.  The records contain biographical and bibliographical information about these authors.  Series Six contains publications of the Nebraska Writers’ Guild including its Bulletin and its Newsletter which describe activities of the Guild ad its members.  Also in this series is the Anthology, a collection of short stories, essays, and verse by Guild members published in 1967.  Included in Series Eight are the scrapbooks which contain newspaper clippings on the activities of the Guild and of its members.  Series Nine contains some clippings similar to those in the scrapbooks.


The official records of the organization are incomplete.  Series One contains minutes of some of the meetings between 1933 and 1942.  Series Two includes correspondence of various officers from 1929 to 1976.  An incomplete file of programs of the Guild’s semi-yearly meetings is contained in Series Five.  Series Seven includes records relating to the publication and sale of the Anthology in 1967.  The Miscellany includes the Guild’s constitutions, invitations, and copies of a few publications by members.


Parts of this collection have been received from time to time, courtesy of various officers of the Nebraska Writers’ Guild.




SERIES 1        MINUTES, 1933-1942

            Box 1

                        Folder 1           1933-1942

SERIES 2        CORRESPONDENCE, 1929-1976

            Box 1

                        Folder 1           1929-1976

                                                1996 (1 letter)

                                                1997 (1 letter)


                           NEBRASKA WRITERS

            Box 1

                        Folder 1           Membership applications, 1957-1958

                        Folder 2           Survey of information about Nebraska writers, A-Z

                        Folder 3           Survey of books published by members of the Nebraska Writers’

                                                   Guild, A-Z

SERIES 4        FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1943-1965

            Box 1

                        Folder 1           Treasurer’s Record Book, 1943-1947

                        Folder 2           Bank statements, 1947-1951 and 1960-1963

                        Folder 3           Receipts for dues paid, 1960-1965

SERIES 5        PROGRAMS, 1928-1966

            Box 2

                        Folder 1           Programs of meetings of the Nebraska Writers’ Guild, 1928-1966

                        Folder 2           Programs of other events, 1946-1951


            Box 2

                        Folder 1           Nebraska Writers’ Guild Bulletin, 1929-1950

                        Folder 2           Nebraska Writers’ Guild Bulletin, 1951-1976

                        Folder 3           Nebraska Writers’ Guild Newsletters, 1947-1949

                        Folder 4           Anthology, 1967


            Box 2

                        Folder 1           Announcement of the Anthology project

                        Folder 2           Manuscripts considered for publication

                        Folder 3           Correspondence, 1967-1968


                        Item 1              Galley of theAnthology

                        Item 2              Off-set negatives of the Anthology

SERIES 8        SCRAPBOOKS, 1930-1985


                        Volume 1         1949-1955

                        Volume 2         1930-1952

                        Volume 3         1956-1959

                        Volume 4         1959-1964

                        Volume 5         1960-1968

                        Volume 6         1968-1970

                        Volume 7         1983-1985

                        Volume 8         1975-1983

SERIES 9        CLIPPINGS, 1923-1963        

            Box 3

                        Folder 1           1923-1963


            Box 3

                        Folder 1           Constitution of the Nebraska Writers’ Guild, 1925 and 1965

                        Folder 2           Report on book exhibit, 1929

                        Folder 3           Invitations, banquet tickets, list of items donated to NSHS in 1970

                        Folder 4           Copies of publications by Nebraska writers

APD/cat   12/15/1976

Addendum: 2008.0101


Box 4



  1. Business papers, letters, membership list and articles, 1967, 1976
  2. Business papers, letters and articles, 1980
  3. Business papers, letters and articles, 1982
  4. Business papers, letters and articles, 1983
  5. Business papers, letters and articles, 1984
  6. Business papers, letters and articles, 1985
  7. Business papers, letters and articles, 1986
  8. “Alive and Writing in Nebraska” grant, 1986
  9. Business papers, letters and articles, 1987
  10. Business papers, letters and articles, 1988, pt. 1
  11. Business papers, letters and articles, 1988, pt. 2
  12. Presidential correspondence (Harry Dolphin), 1988, pt. 1
  13. Presidential correspondence (Harry Dolphin), 1988, pt. 2
  14. Business papers, letters and articles, 1989
  15. Presidential correspondence (Harry Dolphin), 1989
  16. Business papers, letters and articles, 1990
  17. Business papers, letters and articles, 1991, pt. 1
  18. Business papers, letters and articles, 1991, pt. 2
  19. Business papers, letters and articles, 1992, pt. 1
  20. Business papers, letters and articles, 1992, pt. 2
  21. Business papers, letters and articles, 1993
  22. Business papers, letters and articles, 1994
  23. Business papers, letters and articles, 1995
  24. Business papers, letters and articles, 1996
  25. Business papers, letters and articles, 1997
  26. Business papers, letters and articles, 1998
  27. Business papers, letters and articles, 1999
  28. Business papers, letters and articles, 2000
  29. Financial records, 1978-1999
  30. Financial records, 2000


Box 5



  1. Membership dues, 1978-1999, A-K
  2. Membership dues, 1978-1999, L-Z
  3. Membership applications, 1980s-1990s, pt. 1
  4. Membership applications, 1980s-1990s, pt. 2
  5. “Meet Your Nebraska Author,” 1982
  6. “Meet Your Nebraska Author,” 1983, pt. 1
  7. “Meet Your Nebraska Author,” 1983, pt. 2
  8. Braddy, Glen, 1984
  9. Eads, James, 1998
  10. Reilly, Robert, 2004
  11. Stortvedt, Leatta, 1990s
  12. Stroman, Connie, 1984
  13. Misc. authors
  14. Nebraska Writers’ Guild Bulletin, 1961-1986 (incomplete)
  15. Nebraska Writers’ Guild Bulletin, 1987-1991 (incomplete)
  16. Nebraska Writers’ Guild Bulletin, 1992-1997
  17. Nebraska Writers’ Guild Bulletin, 2000, 2004, 2006
  18. Clippings, 1982-1983
  19. Misc. photographs


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