NWG Members

User ID Full Name City of Residence Genre(s)sort ascending Picture
buehlej James Buehler Lincoln Young Adult; Science Fiction; Fantasy
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Jack Vaughn Jack Vaughn Eagle Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
Jack Vaughn's picture
Dawn Ford Dawn Ford Missouri Valley Young Adult
Dawn Ford's picture
KathrynaGilmore Kathryn Gilmore Lincoln YA, Sweet Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
KathrynaGilmore's picture
Jackie Wallick Jackie Wallick YA Paranormal & Contemporary Romance
Jackie Wallick's picture
Joe L Williams Joe L Williams Lincoln YA
Dee Feeken-Schmidt Delores Feeken-Schmidt Crete Women's Fiction, poetry, juvenile fiction
Dee Feeken-Schmidt's picture
Sheryl Fawcett Sheryl Fawcett Omaha Women's Fiction
Sheryl Fawcett's picture
Avis Pruitt Avis Pruitt Bellevue Women's Fiction
S Buhrman - Lin... Sarah Buhrman Lincoln Urban fantasy, Romance, Paranormal romance, Sci-fantasy, Steampunk
S Buhrman - Lina Greyce's picture
Brooke Brouillette Brooke Brouillette Thriller/Suspense
Brooke Brouillette's picture
Ben Wassinger Ben Wassinger Grand Island Suspense, humor.
Ben Wassinger's picture
Cale Cale Thomason Saint Paul, NE Suspense, horror, comedy, GLBTA literature, poetry.
Cale's picture
Jeannie Musick Jeannie Musick Cowley, WY Supernatural
Jeannie Musick's picture
Steve Brennan Steve Brennan Omaha Speculative history fiction; screenwriting; sci-fi; coaching education
Steve Brennan's picture
Dennis Seberger Dennis Seberger Elwood, NE Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA, Horror, Nonfiction
Dennis Seberger's picture
Jeanne Bradford Jeanne Bradford Henderson, IA Speculative Fiction
Jeanne Bradford's picture
Nikki Hyson Nikki Hyson Wasilla Speculative fiction
Nikki Hyson's picture
flanderific Jim McGowan Speculative Fiction
Carla Cloutier Carla Cloutier Grand Island Short stories, poetry
Carla Cloutier's picture
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac Kolleen Meyer-Krikac Lincoln Self-help, non-fiction
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac's picture
Christine Mager... Christine Mager Wevik Beresford, SD self-help, mystery fiction
Christine Mager Wevik's picture
Lisa Kovanda Lisa Kovanda Lincoln Screenwriting, speculative fiction, drama
Lisa Kovanda's picture
Kari Wiethop Kari Wiethop Papillion Screenwriting, Adult Fiction, Drama, Dark Comedy
dckubicek David Kubicek Lincoln Science Fiction, Horror, Contemporary/Mainstream
dckubicek's picture
sswanson Seth Swanson Omaha Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
sswanson's picture
stanfieldjd john stanfield Plattsmouth, NE Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Edward L. Clary Edward L. Clary Bellevue, NE Science fiction, Fantasy
Edward L. Clary's picture
Stephanie Wenburg Stephanie Wenburg Lexington, NE science fiction, comedy, drama, satire and others.
Stephanie Wenburg's picture
Bruce Schindler Bruce Schindler rural Holdrege, Ne Science Fiction
Bruce Schindler's picture
Jennifer Haskin Jennifer Haskin Olathe, KS science fantasy, romance
Sharee Stover Sharee Stover Norfolk Romantic Suspense and Historical
Sharee Stover's picture
Victorine Lieske Victorine Lieske Scottsbluff Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Science Fiction
Victorine Lieske's picture
Victoria Morrow Victoria Morrow Grand Island, NE Romantic action adventure, mystery, poetry, inspirational, historical.
Victoria Morrow's picture
Patricia Lynn Patricia Lynn Omaha Romance/ Historical Fiction/contemporary
Patricia Lynn's picture
Kathleen Pieper Kathleen Pieper Grand Island romance, suspense
Sabrina Sumsion Sabrina Sumsion Central City Romance, Science Fiction
Sabrina Sumsion's picture
C L Cunningham C L Cunningham Plattsmouth Romance, Poetry, Urban, Metafiction, Fiction
C L Cunningham's picture
ccrow21993 Connie Crow Bellevue, NE Romance Novels
ccrow21993's picture
Robert Klein Engler Robert Klein Engler Omaha, Nebraska poetry, short stories, essays
Robert Klein Engler's picture
Kara Gall Kara Gall Cincinnati, OH Poetry, Narrative essay
Kara Gall's picture
Kathy Lorentz Kathy Lorentz McCook Poetry, Monologues, and Young Adult
Kathy Lorentz's picture
Jo Ann Wagner Jo Ann Wagner Lincoln Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction
Anashta Celovich Anashta Celovich McCook poetry, fiction, non-fiction
Anashta Celovich's picture
Laura Madeline ... Laura Madeline Wiseman Lincoln poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction
Laura Madeline Wiseman's picture
Lucy Adkins Lucy Adkins Lincoln Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction
Lucy Adkins's picture
Ashley DeVrieze Ashley DeVrieze Omaha, NE Poetry, Fiction
Ashley DeVrieze's picture
Mary Jo Caffrey Mary Jo Caffrey Gretna NE poetry, fantasy, memoir, short story
Mary Jo Caffrey's picture
Janet Sobczyk Janet Sobczyk Omaha, NE Poetry, creative non-fiction, children's, inspirational
Janet Sobczyk's picture
Mj Taylor Mj Taylor Omaha Poetry
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