NWG Members

User ID Full Name City of Residence Genre(s) Picture
Karen E Stork Karen E Stork Lincoln, NE Narrative essays, nonfiction, biography, poetry
Karen E Stork's picture
Kari Wiethop Kari Wiethop Papillion Screenwriting, Adult Fiction, Drama, Dark Comedy
Karla Wendelin Karla Wendelin Hickman children's, poetry
Katherine Wiele... Katherine Wielechowski Gibbon fiction, historical romance, fantasy, distopian fiction, action, humor
Katherine Wielechowski's picture
Kathleen Pieper Kathleen Pieper Grand Island romance, suspense
KathrynaGilmore Kathryn Gilmore Lincoln YA, Sweet Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
KathrynaGilmore's picture
Kathy Lorentz Kathy Lorentz McCook Poetry, Monologues, and Young Adult
Kathy Lorentz's picture
Katorah Kenway Katorah Kenway Bellevue Adult Romance
Katorah Kenway's picture
Kent Sievers Kent Sievers Papillion Mystery/thriller
Kent Sievers's picture
Kim Stokely Kim Stokely Bellevue Fiction (historical, YA, contemporary) Inspirational non-fiction
Kim Stokely's picture
Kimberly Robiso... Kimberly Robison-Crook Crab Orchard Children's Books, hopefully Historical Fiction
Kimberly Robison-Crook's picture
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac Kolleen Meyer-Krikac Lincoln Self-help
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac's picture
Kristin Burnett Kristin Burnett Riley KS Fiction, Flash Fiction, Short Story, Poetry
Kristin Burnett's picture
Kristin Ganoung Kristin Ganoung
Kristine Rohwer Kristine Rohwer Elkhorn, Nebraska Short Story, Essays
Kristine Rohwer's picture
ksosin Kim Sosin Omaha I write poetry and some short stories. I also write factual articles.
ksosin's picture
L. N. Holmes LeeAnn Adams fiction, nonfiction, poetry, science fiction, fantasy, magical realism
L. N. Holmes's picture
LaRayne M. Topp LaRayne M. Topp Wisner Non-fiction, historical fiction, fiction, YA
LaRayne M. Topp's picture
Laura L Cooper Laura L Cooper Prague, Nebraska Crime Fiction and Non-fiction
Laura Madeline ... Laura Madeline Wiseman Lincoln poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction
Laura Madeline Wiseman's picture
Laura McKillip Wood Laura McKillip Wood Papillion, Nebraska historical fiction, women's fiction, young adult
Les Williams Les Williams 5843 Wood Ridge Court Lincoln, NE 68506 Crime/Mystery-Paranormal-Western
Les Williams's picture
Lila Alger Lila Alger Lincoln MG, YA, Mystery/Thriller, Fantasy. Short stories and Literary Fiction
Lila Alger's picture
linda.solaya Linda Solaya Fort Morgan, CO
Lindsay Nolan Lindsay Nolan Omaha Children's, Poetry, Fiction
Lindsay Nolan's picture
Lisa Kovanda Lisa Kovanda Lincoln Screenwriting, speculative fiction, drama
Lisa Kovanda's picture
Lisa Montoya Lisa Montoya Hampton, NE Fantasy
Lois Poppe Lois Poppe Lincoln
LoisLew Lois Lewandowski Lincoln, Nebraska Fiction, Essays
LoisLew's picture
longnecker Bill Longnecker McCook fiction
longnecker's picture
Lucy Adkins Lucy Adkins Lincoln Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction
Lucy Adkins's picture
Lydia R Cooper Lydia R Cooper Omaha mystery, thriller, literary, scholarly
Lynda Madison Lynda Madison
Lynn Chelewski Lynn Chelewski Beatrice
Madonna Ball Madonna Ball Omaha Fiction, short stories
Madonna Ball's picture
Maggie Aldrich Maggie Aldrich Lincoln Fiction: chick lit, mystery, YA
Maggie Aldrich's picture
Maloree Johnson Maloree Johnson Aurora Children's Fiction [Historical]
Mandy Sullivan Mandy Sullivan Doniphan
Margie Lukas Margie Lukas
Mari Beck Mari Beck Kearney
Marie Krohn Marie Krohn
Marilyn June Coffey Marilyn June Coffey Omaha, NE
Marilyn June Coffey's picture
Marnita Jondle Marnita Jondle Bellevue, NE mystery, nonfiction, short stories
Mary Connealy Mary Connealy Decatur Historical, inspirational romantic comedy with cowboys
Mary Connealy's picture
Mary Jo Caffrey Mary Jo Caffrey Gretna NE poetry, fantasy, memoir, short story
Mary Jo Caffrey's picture
Matthew Moseman Matthew Moseman Columbus fiction, mystery, detective fiction, science fiction
Matthew Moseman's picture
Melody A Jewell Melody A Jewell Elkhorn, NE Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Melody A Jewell's picture
Merry Muhsman Merry Muhsman
Michael Shouse Michael Shouse
Michelle Homme Michelle A. Homme Papillion Inspiration, Personal Development
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