NWG Members

User ID Full Name City of Residence Genre(s) Picture
Janet Sobczyk Janet Sobczyk Omaha, NE Poetry, creative non-fiction, children's, inspirational
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Janita Pavelka Janita Pavelka Omaha
Jason Bougger Jason Bougger Omaha Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, YA
Jason Bougger's picture
Jean A. Lukesh Jean A. Lukesh Palmer, NE History, Biography, Nebraska, Children's, Western, Mystery, True Crime, etc
Jeanette Bjerrum Jeanette Bjerrum
Jeanne Bradford Jeanne Bradford Henderson, IA Speculative Fiction
Jeanne Bradford's picture
Jeanne Reames Jeanne Reames Omaha historical, SF&F, ethnic (native) literary mainstream
Jeanne Reames's picture
Jeannie Musick Jeannie Musick Cowley, WY Supernatural
Jeannie Musick's picture
Jen Ponce Jen Ponce
Jennie Gollehon Jennie Gollehon Elkhorn
Jennifer Haskin Jennifer Haskin Olathe, KS science fantasy, romance
Jenny Hanisch Jenny Hanisch
Jerry Heydenberk Jerry Heydenberk
Jessica Carranza Jessica Carranza
Jim Backens Jim Backens
jim.overturf Jiames L Overturf Lincoln Mystery, Inspirational Romance
jim.overturf's picture
Jo Ann Wagner Jo Ann Wagner Lincoln Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction
Jo Nickel Jo Nickel
Jody L. Lamp Jody L. Lamp Mitcehll Non-fiction: Agriculture, History
Jody L. Lamp's picture
Joe Kovanda Joe Kovanda Lincoln
Joe L Williams Joe L Williams Lincoln YA
JoHannah Hochstetler JoHannah Hochstetler Lexington literary short fiction
John Achor John Achor Mystery, Thriller
John Witzel John Witzel Papillion, Nebraska Fiction
John Witzel's picture
Johnnye Gerhardt Johnnye Gerhardt Omaha Everything but westerns, romances, and poetry.
Johnnye Gerhardt's picture
Jordan McGowen Jordan McGowen Beaver Crossing historical military fiction, thrillers, humor
Jordan McGowen's picture
Joyce Reynolds Joyce Reynolds creative nonfiction poetry fiction
Judy Shutts Judy Shutts Lincoln, Nebraska
Kara Gall Kara Gall Cincinnati, OH Poetry, Narrative essay
Kara Gall's picture
Karen Overturf Karen Overturf Lincoln Fiction, Poetry
Karen Overturf's picture
Kari Wiethop Kari Wiethop Papillion Screenwriting, Adult Fiction, Drama, Dark Comedy
Karla Wendelin Karla Wendelin Hickman children's, poetry
Katherine Wiele... Katherine Wielechowski Gibbon fiction, historical romance, fantasy, distopian fiction, action, humor
Katherine Wielechowski's picture
Kathleen Pieper Kathleen Pieper Grand Island romance, suspense
Kathryn R. Henry Kathryn R. Henry Lincoln
KathrynaGilmore Kathryn Gilmore Lincoln YA, Sweet Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
KathrynaGilmore's picture
Kathy Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Lincoln Poetry
Kathy Lorentz Kathy Lorentz McCook Poetry, Monologues, and Young Adult
Kathy Lorentz's picture
Katorah Kenway Katorah Kenway Bellevue Adult Romance
Katorah Kenway's picture
Kay L Strong Kay L Strong Bellevue Life stories, poetry, short stories
Kay L Strong's picture
Kaylee de la Motte Kaylee de la Motte Grand Island Childrens books
Kaylee de la Motte's picture
kdslater Kristina Slater Omaha Fantasy, Horror, Fiction
kdslater's picture
Kent Sievers Kent Sievers Papillion Mystery/thriller
Kent Sievers's picture
Kim Hawkins Kim Hawkins
Kim Stokely Kim Stokely Bellevue Fiction (historical, YA, contemporary) Inspirational non-fiction
Kim Stokely's picture
Kimberly Robiso... Kimberly Robison-Crook Crab Orchard Children's Books, hopefully Historical Fiction
Kimberly Robison-Crook's picture
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac Kolleen Meyer-Krikac Lincoln Self-help, non-fiction
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac's picture
Kori D Miller Kori D Miller Fremont mystery/thriller; nonfiction: self-help
Kori D Miller's picture
Kori Miller Kori Miller Fremont Mystery; Children's: PB, MG: Adventure
Kori Miller's picture
Kristin Burnett Kristin Burnett Riley KS Fiction, Flash Fiction, Short Story, Poetry
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