NWG Members

User ID Full Name City of Residence Genre(s) Picture
Mj Taylor Mj Taylor Omaha Poetry
Mj Taylor's picture
Mort Nicholson Mort Nicholson
mryunger Mary Unger Lincoln Historical Fiction
mryunger's picture
Nancy Nielsen Nancy Nielsen Gretna, NE
Nancy Nielsen's picture
Nick Schinker Nick Schinker
Nicole McDonald Nicole McDonald Omaha Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Nicole McDonald's picture
Nikki Hyson Nikki Hyson Wasilla Speculative fiction
Nikki Hyson's picture
NLSharp Nancy Sharp Wagner Fremont children's middle grade and picture books
NLSharp's picture
Patricia Lynn Patricia Lynn Omaha Romance/ Historical Fiction/contemporary
Patricia Lynn's picture
Patricia Thomas Patricia Thomas
Peg Bunger Peg Bunger Grand Island Fiction
Penny Roth Penny Roth Spencer childrens' books, poetry
Penny Roth's picture
PPenke14 Patricia J. Penke Omaha Non fiction reference book
PPenke14's picture
prairie.sky@gma... Heidi Hermanson
Randall Lippincott Randall Lippincott Scottsdale, AZ Autobiogralphical
Randall Lippincott's picture
Renie Rutten Irene Rutten Cedar Rapids, NE
Renie Rutten's picture
Rex Walton Rex Walton Lincoln, NE poetry
Rex Walton's picture
Rhonda Hall Rhonda Hall
Rhonda Rieck-Rush Rhonda Rieck-Rush Lincoln memoir, non-fiction, poetry, prose, short story, fiction
Rhonda Rieck-Rush's picture
Robert JV Chris... Robert John Vincent Christensen Holdrege Fantasy and Science Fiction
Robert JV Christensen's picture
Robert Klein Engler Robert Klein Engler Omaha, Nebraska poetry, short stories, essays
Robert Klein Engler's picture
Robert Mark Ihrig Robert Mark Ihrig Parker, Colorado Biography / Memoir
Robert Mark Ihrig's picture
Robin E. Boeck Robin E. Boeck
Roger McDermott Roger McDermott
S Buhrman - Lin... Sarah Buhrman Lincoln Urban fantasy, Romance, Paranormal romance, Sci-fantasy, Steampunk
S Buhrman - Lina Greyce's picture
Sabrina Sumsion Sabrina Sumsion Central City Romance, Science Fiction
Sabrina Sumsion's picture
Scott Gray Scott Gray Norfolk, Nebraska
Scott Michael C... Scott Michael Childers Lincoln, NE non-fiction, historical fiction
Scott Michael Childers's picture
Sharee Stover Sharee Stover Norfolk Romantic Suspense and Historical
Sharee Stover's picture
Shennon Helms Shennon Helms Holdrege Paranormal and Science Fiction
Shennon Helms's picture
Sheryl Fawcett Sheryl Fawcett Omaha Women's Fiction
Sheryl Fawcett's picture
Sonia Rittscher Sonia Rittscher
Sooznebr Susan M Petersen Lincoln nonfiction, blogging, family history
Sooznebr's picture
sswanson Seth Swanson Omaha Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
sswanson's picture
Stacey Wollschlager Stacey Wollschlager
Stacy Miller Stacy (Kreycik) Miller Verdigre, NE Children's Books
Stacy Miller's picture
stanfieldjd john stanfield Plattsmouth, NE Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Stanley E Weber Stanley E Weber
Stephanie Keegan Stephanie Keegan Beatrice Children's message book
Stephanie Keegan's picture
Stephanie Wenburg Stephanie Wenburg Lexington, NE science fiction, comedy, drama, satire and others.
Stephanie Wenburg's picture
Steve Brennan Steve Brennan Omaha Speculative history fiction; screenwriting; sci-fi; coaching education
Steve Brennan's picture
Steve Bruttig Steve Bruttig Murdock, NE non-fiction, history, philosophy, popular science
Steve Bruttig's picture
strsta Stanley Struble Omaha mystery suspense
strsta's picture
Susan Baron Susan Baron Omaha, NE Literary fiction
Susan Grady Bristol Susan Grady Bristol Omaha Inspirational non-fiction, short stories
Susan Grady Bristol's picture
Susan Jean Buth... Susan Jean Butherus Ihrig Parker, Colorado
Susan Jean Butherus Ihrig's picture
Susan Rosseter Hart Susan Rosseter Hart
Suzanne M. Kolesik Suzanne M. Kolesik Plattsmouth children's series, personal stories, biography, research, articles on misc.
Suzanne M. Kolesik's picture
Tacheny Reilly Tacheny Reilly
Tami Olsen Tami Olsen Beresford, SD High/Low Fantasy, UF, SFF
Tami Olsen's picture