NWG Members

User ID Full Name City of Residence Genre(s) Picture
Tammy Marshall Tammy Marshall Neligh contemporary and literary fiction, short stories, poetry, humor
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Tamsen Butler Tamsen Butler Papillion Nonfiction
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Terry North Terry North
Theron Ray Arnold Theron Ray Arnold Papillion literary fiction; humor; satire; poetry
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Traci Robison Traci Robison dark historical fantasy & literary fiction
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twyllaacrosby Twylla A. Crosby Albion, Nebraska fiction, non-fiction, childrens
Valera Heydenberk Valera Heydenberk Hastings children's books and book retelling 50 years of marriage covered by God's g
Valerie Manske Valerie Manske
Victoria Goessling Victoria Goessling
Victoria Morrow Victoria Morrow Grand Island, NE Romantic action adventure, mystery, poetry, inspirational, historical.
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Victorine Lieske Victorine Lieske Scottsbluff Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Science Fiction
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Wayne A. Nestor Wayne A. Nestor
Wayne Anson Wayne Anson Grand Island Mystery/suspense; Christian curriculum; church histories; plays
wembree Warren C. Embree Lincoln mystery
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Werner Louderback Werner Louderback Weeping Water
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William L. Smutko William L. Smutko Blair Literary short story Literary novel
witzco@cox.net John Witzel Papillion, Nebraska Fiction
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yellowbird Lee Bachand Omaha General fiction
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