Abi Adegboye

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Abi Adegboye
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Abi writes multicultural fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults. Through her writing, she shares her life experiences - growing up the 2nd of three girls in a culture that reveres boys; thinking she had to be the family's 'boy' who climbs trees to harvest fruit, dresses chickens for dinner, catches mice, and does whatever needs doing.  She shares about going away to boarding school at the age of twelve, after finally convincing her mother that she could care for her asthma and of having many adventures traveling by rail to school in the north.  She also writes about the bonds of friendship formed as part of the notorious ‘lady cool’s gang’ in college.

Living in the US introduced new themes to Abi's writing in genres including poetry, essay, drama, and prose.  Her novella, Renike comes to America presents themes of loneliness, belonging, alienation, and cultural isolation experienced by immigrants.  The birth of her children inspired picture books they could relate to including Butterfly, about a girl’s love of her new dress, Big Sister about sibling affection, Now I can Read, and The Adventures of Lagos Boy (manuscript).  A former marriage inspired how-to articles targeting immigrant women who find themselves in dysfunctional relationships.  Like any writer, Abi's study is littered with unfinished manuscripts which she hopes to complete in her lifetime.

Published Works: 

Butterfly - A picture book celebrating a girl's love for her new dress.


Reflections on Nigerian Christianity - A social commentary on the idiosyncracies of Nigerian Christians particularly pentecostals.  The discourse is presented as modern parables which are short, easy to read, and engaging.  The book is designed to be encouraging, thought-provoking, and energizing.


Wanna B Prez? 10 Life Strategies from President Barack Obama’s Journey to the White House - On February 10, 2007, when Senator Barack Obama from Illinois declared his intention to run for the office of president of the United States, he had a BIG DREAM. He was an unknown Black male with Islamic names, of questionable nationality, and no major political support. Yet, on November 4, 2008, he won the presidential election by a clear majority! Wanna B. Prez? is a motivational book comprised of 10 life strategies taken from President Obama’s inspirational campaign. The strategies include: dreaming big, having a game plan, showing up, keeping it real, and more.


Owanbe! Yoruba Celebrations of Life - This anthology captures the dazzling ways Yorubas celebrate life and practice life-affirming principles.  The book illuminates events of birth, youth, marriage, milestones, and passing.  Though the homeland of Yoruba culture is Southwest Nigeria, there are Yoruba communities throughout West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, United States, and Europe.  This book highlights cosmopolitan Yoruba celebrations capturing the color, rhythm, vibrancy, and excitement of such occasions.  A cross between a coffee table book and how-to manual, Ówàńbẹ̀! features photographs, recipes, greetings, interesting facts, tips on planning Yoruba ceremonies, and much more.


Renike comes to America - Renike was invited to America, a land flowing with milk and honey where she would be picking money off the streets.  Instead, she is abandoned by the husband she came to join, homeless, jobless, and struggling to stay one step ahead of immigration officials. Will she ever find her milk and honey in America?