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poetry, fiction
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Anashta Celovich
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Hello! I thought I would just share some highlights about myself.

~ I am a single mom of three, poet, author, artist, a certified qigong breathing instructor and a certified sports nutritionist.

~ I have a BS in behavioral science.

~ You will find that I enjoy learning about anything and everything. I find classes to take in anything from languages to music to biblical-based classes to medical-based classes. I am currently thinking about getting my teaching certification in qigong breathing. I also enjoy upcycling/repurposing, music of many genres, reading classics and reference books, watching Netflix, hanging out by my fire pits, coffee, remodeling/redecorating my house and yard, photography, working out and, of course, writing.

~ I'm a seven-time award-winning writer and I published my first book June 1, 2017. I published a historical non-fiction novelette March 3, 2018. I am currently trying to finish a novel.

~ I'm a third-generation author and two of my three children are also budding writers.

~ Fortunately/unfortunately I have Apserger's. I say "fortunately" because it attibutes to my creativity and my learning abilities (I obtained both my B.S. and my certifications with 4.0 GPAs). Unfortunately, it also makes me awkward and socially malfunct. I am constantly trying to force myself to step out of my box even though it is pure torture. I do it to better myself and improve my skills in coping with stressful situations. If I come off "strange" you now know why. Apologies!

~ I run a fledgling ministry for supporting Iranian Christians. It is indeed an infant and will eventually grow. PATIENCE!

~ I have a border collie named Jasmine Raspberry. She's made of love and hair. Mostly hair, but love is a very close second.

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Published Works: 
  • Metamorphosis  (June 1, 2017)


  • Silent Scream of Štěpán Sršeň: A historical non-fiction novelette in three acts.  (March 3, 2018)