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poetry, fiction
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Anashta Celovich
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Hello! I thought I would just share some highlights about myself.

~ I am a single mom of three, poet, author, artist, a certified qigong breathing instructor and a certified sports nutritionist.

~ I have a BS in behavioral science.

~ You will find that I enjoy learning about anything and everything. I find classes to take in anything from languages to music to biblical-based classes to medical-based classes. I also enjoy upcycling/repurposing, music of many genres, reading classics and reference books, watching Netflix, hanging out by my fire pits, coffee, remodeling/redecorating my house and yard, photography, working out and, of course, writing.

~ I'm a seven-time award-winning writer and I published my first book June 1, 2017. I published a historical non-fiction novelette March 3, 2018, and a science fiction novel on July 8, 2018.

~ I'm a third-generation author.

~ I run a fledgling ministry for supporting Iranian Christians. 

~ I have a border collie named Jasmine Raspberry. She's made of love and hair. Mostly hair, but love is a very close second.

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Published Works: 
  • Metamorphosis  (June 1, 2017)


  • Silent Scream of Štěpán Sršeň: A historical non-fiction novelette in three acts.  (March 3, 2018)


  • Soulbind (July 8, 2018)