Bonnie Lacy

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Full Name: 
Bonnie Lacy
City of Residence: 
Osceola, NE

Bonnie Lacy is the author of seven novels, two nonfiction books, devotionals, several children’s books, and over fifty short stories. She is an independent author, has published two novels—Released and Rescued with the third in The Great Escapee Series out in 2019, and one nonfiction—Rage Rising: My Walk Through the Dark Tunnel of Anger. Another nonfiction—Cash Envelopes: You’ve Never Had So Much Money—is due out in 2019. She loves the weird things: sink holes, caves, exploring cemeteries, old store basements where you might be glad you are wearing boots. Her writing reflects her interests! She loves to write about how the visible and invisible worlds interact, making for interesting characters. Somedays, she primes the writing pump by doodling—find samples on Instagram: @bonlacy. Visit her at: Twitter: @BonnieLLacy. 

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Published Works: 

Running, a short story.

Released, a novel.

Rescued, a novel.

Rage Rising: My Walk Through the Dark Tunnel of Anger