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Literary, Speculative, and Poetry
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Brian Crouse
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It is great when we distract ourself from the usual and live in the extraordinary.

Fabler and Perspectivist

A fabler is a spinner of tales, some true and some fiction, all in pursuit of deeper meaning. Fiction and stories provide a view we may ignore in our every day, go about the business of getting from paycheck to paycheck kind of lives.

A perspectivist looks at things from different points of view. Near - far - upsidewards - changing focus to learn more before choosing a vision that rings true with their core.

I take a late night/early morning - when the family is asleep and when not at the day job - approach to making time to write.

The thing I enjoy most are stories - any story really - that create an escape from the mundane. That's what I hope with any book I pick up, and hope to offer if you pick up one of my creations.

Published Works: 

Calm -- 1700 words. There's nothing like a cup of tea at the end of an evening. Just the warm up needed when the man you love is working overnight. The news blurbs about a serial killer running around Riverside can't even break the calm.

Snow Globe -- 2100 words. Fletcher Callow has experienced more than his share of misery. He takes solace in detective novels and his personal perspective on Riverside. He desires to be the hero of his story and to kiss the girl in the end. Now the only question is if she is real or a figment.

Gain -- 2700 words. The rich feast while the poor labor. The system allows the poor to workout for the rich. Being an upper means staying thin despite indulging. But the table is about to be turned. Who will be able to handle the gain?

Out of Time - Overture -- 2100 words. My name is Josef Finch. I just woke up in a nightmare of the past. Somehow I've shifted out of place and time. The last thing I remember is falling asleep in my St. Louis apartment. Now I'm being interrogated by German soldiers during WWII.

Wander -- Collected poems. They range from romantic to dark, twisted to serene, and many places in between. Thank you for wandering with me.