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Professional Information

Young Adult; Science Fiction; Fantasy
Full Name: 
James Buehler
City of Residence: 

James Buehler was born and rasied in Nebraska.  Other than a three and a half year stint in Minneapolis, MN, James has resided in Nebraska all his life.  James currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife, Jennifer, and three children, Anika, Jared and Benjamin.

The idea for "The Swords of B'ajj" series of books came to James as a teen.  He dreamed of having swords like this and imagined what it would be like to own such a sword.  James decided that he should write down his ideas and thus the journey began.  Now the time has come to share with others the travels of "The Swords of B'ajj".

Published Works: 

The Swords of B'ajj: Truthseeker (The first in a series of five.)  http://theswordsofbajj.com

Long ago, five nearly indestructible swords were created by the mysterious B'ajj. The first of these swords, Truthseeker, falls into the hands of Bart Taylor, an ordinary teen with ordinary ambitions. After inadvertently saving the beautiful Erin McNamara from her would-be kidnappers and vowing to protect her, Bart is drawn into a conflict on another world that could bring a vicious overlord's wrath down on Earth. In the face of a colossal battle, the magical sword could be the key to the safekeeping not only of Erin, but of an entire solar system.


The Swords of B'ajj: Pathfinder (The second in a series of five.)

Steve Wolfe faces a tough decision. Does he track down his kidnapped sister using Pathfinder, his mystic sword, or does he exchange a friend for her safety? While traveling across the United States searching for clues to here whereabouts, he and his friends discover that a little girl also needs their help. Will time run out before they help everyone, or will someone become a sacrifice to save the others?


The Swords of B'ajj: Timeline (The third in a series of five.)

Currently in production.


The Swords of B'ajj: Blockade (The fourth in a series of five.)

Some thoughts have begun to peculate.


The Swords of B'ajj: Gateway (The fifth in a series of five.)

Grand scheme has been there since the beginning.  A main topic for this book has stemmed from a dream James had long ago.