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Fiction, non-fiction, poetry
Full Name: 
Valerie Vierk
City of Residence: 
Ravenna, NE

I was born in Kearney, NE, and grew up in nearby Ravenna, where I have lived most of my life, except for seven years when I lived a whopping fifteen miles away. I graduated from University of Nebraska at Kearney (formerly Kearney State College) in December 1996 with a B.A. in English and a minor in history. I have been a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild since spring 1989 and served as treasurer for seven years.

   Besides writing, I love nature, and am working on a nature journal that will consist of my lifelong interest.  The book will include poems, essays, and my photos. Each summer I monitor a 96 box bluebird trail in three counties.  I am also working on my late father's railroad memoirs that he partially wrote before his passing.  I also am an animal advocate, and in 2012 founded Hollyjean's Hope Cat Spaying, to help the feral cats of my little town.

   Other interests are ice skating (more carefully these days) and stamp collecting.

Published Works: 


Gold Stars and Purple Hearts--the War Dead of the Ravenna, NE Area   (Non-fiction book published in 2005)

Sailing the Troubled Sea--A Nebraska Boy Goes to War  (Non-fiction book published in 2007.  Written with my father, Herbert E. Nolda.  Documents his World War II Coast Guard career.

Winter of Death--Victims of the 1918-1919 Influenza Epidemic in the Ravenna, NE Area    (Non-fiction book published in 2009.)

Sister of My Own     (Novel set in Nebraska. Encompasses time from 1951 - 1981.) Published in 2012.

Christmas of the Dolls and Other Stories of the Season     - Collection of fiction and non-fiction, with several color photos. Published in 2012.



Numerous other essays, short stories, poems and articles published in The Platte Valley Review, Buffalo Tales, newsletter of the Buffalo County Historical Society, other newspapers and newsletters