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Literary fiction/Satire
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Chuck Redman
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Thousand Oaks CA

Born and raised in the Platte Valley (Kearney), Chuck has been away too long, physically at least. Maybe not emotionally. Long ago, life lured him beyond the borders of Nebraska: Following undergrad at Michigan and law school at NYU, he practiced criminal and immigration law in Los Angeles for 40 years. In his spare time, he wrote a little. He’s retired now, freeing him to enjoy his wife, his kids, his reading, his writing, his worrying about the future of the planet. And maybe a trip now and then back to Huskerland.

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His novella, The Meateaters, was published serially in Between the Species in the 1980’s. More recently, his short fiction or humor have appeared in Writer’s Digest, Lowestoft Chronicle, Hemlock Journal, Jewish Literary Journal, and The Jewish Magazine

In summer, 2018, his first novel was published. It's called A Cottonwood Stand (a novel of Nebraska), published by Sunstone Press of Santa Fe, New Mexico.