Dana Bolles

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Dana Bolles
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Graduated from Wayne State College with a Bachlor's Degree in English Literature and Writing. I am a shy and quiet person but reliable when it comes to work or with anything that anybody needs help with. Most of my female characters that are the heroine will either be named Emily or Emay in honor of my identical twin Emily Kay Bolles who passed away at four weeks. Leaving behind myself and our sister Alyssa who is my faternal twin. As well as our family memebers that miss her very much. The stories that I write our fiction and their is no set genre that I write, I just write whatever comes to mind for me. I do have one book that is completed but I have not published it. It needs to be rewritten it was a story that I finished in my last year of high school and I gave some copies away to a few of my teachers. 

Published Works: 

I do not have any publish works.