Dennis Seberger

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Full Name: 
Dennis Seberger
City of Residence: 
Elwood, NE

Dennis was born in Lexington, Nebraska, and grew up on a farm near Darr.  He entered active duty as a Private in the United States Marine Corps in 1997 and served in the infantry as a Machinegunner.  He earned a Bachelor's degree in English from the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 2003 and was commissioned as an Officer of Marines.  He completed Naval Flight Training and flew both the CH-53D and E models of helicopter for the Marine Corps until he left active duty in 2012.  His collateral duties during this time included Family Readiness Officer, Administration Officer, Legal Officer, Morale Officer, Operations Officer, Company Commander, Motorcycle Safety Club President, Assistant Aviation Maintenance Officer, Aviation Safety Officer, and Director of Safety and Standardization.  He deployed to combat zones four times, three of which were in support of OIF and OEF.  He found time to write during all of this, completing his first novel, Ceallach, in 2012.

After leaving active duty as a Captain, Dennis returned to Nebraska and earned a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a focus on Medieval Literature.  His areas of interest include the history of heroism, the grail legend, the questor hero, and the spread of Christianity through Europe during the first millennium.  While at UNK, he served as a committee member, peer tutor, editor for UNK's Undergraduate Research Journal, and Adjunct Professor.  He now teaches English at Lexington High School.

Dennis and his wife, Melinda, live with their two children in Elwood, Nebraska.

Published Works: 

Ceallach, 2012.

"Gatsby's Great Liminal Space" in UNK's 2015 Carillon

"Juliana's Heroism and the Shift to Christian Ideals" in UNK's 2015 Carillon