Diane Sandall-Winters

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Diane Sandall-Winters
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Diane Sandall-Winters is from Southwest Nebraska and is an avid ready of all genres.  She comes from a large family and grew up in a farming community.  She was blessed with two children and has four grandchildren of her own.   Diane has been a nurse for many years and has worked in many fields over time.  She appreciates the sunsets, rain storms and rainbows, and views from the mountain tops. She and her husband enjoy traveling and the drive gives Diane time to work out story lines.  The holidays are always filled with laughter and plenty of food as her family and her husband’s join forces to fill the house.  It is always a special time for her and spends all year looking for just the right gift to give to each and every one of them at Christmas.  Diane hopes you enjoy her books as much as she loves to write them.  You may keep a watch for her next book release on her facebook page:       www.facebook.com/ DianeLWinters       

Published Works: 

Blue Skies  and Dangerous Inheritance

Coming this Fall/Winter:  Mission to Recovery and Beyond the Window