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Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, YA
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Jason Bougger
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I grew up northwest of Lincoln in Brainard, NE and currenlty live in Omaha with my wife and three kids. I started writing fiction just about five years ago. I have published over twenty short stories in various print and online markets and my YA novel, Holy Fudgesicles, was published by Wings ePress in 2015.

In addition to my own writing, I maintain a blog about writing called Write Good Books (http://www.writegoodbooks.com) and am also the owner and editor of the ezine Theme of Absence (http://www.themeofabsence.com), which publishes original short stories and interviews with the authors every Friday.

You can learn more about me and find links to all of my social media profiles at my website, http://www.jasonbougger.com.

Published Works: 


HOLY FUDGESICLES, Wings ePress, 2015

Short Stories

"Premonition" (Reprint), Blood Moon Rising Magazine (Issue 68, April 2017)

"Waking up in the Woods" (Reprint), AntipodeanSF (Issue 222, January 2017)

 "Death Cat Saves Halloween" (Reprint), AnthologyBuilder, August 2016

"New Prayer Tavern" (Reprint), Beyond Science Fiction Complete Anthology, Dark Star Publishing, July 2016

"Four Corners", Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Magazine (July 2015), Dark Star Publishing

"New Prayer Tavern", Beyond Science Fiction (May 2015), Dark Star Publishing

"Waking up in the Woods", Hysterical Realms (Alternate Hilarities Volume 3), Strange Musings Press, 2015

"Not Real?", MicroHorror (January 28, 2015)

"Survivor of the Grizzly Wars", Devilfish Review (Issue 12, December 2014)

"Fresh Dirt" (Reprint),  Voluted Tales (Issue 13, April/May 2014)

"Premonition", Gas Lamp (March 28, 2014), Gothic City Press

"A Numbers Game", Jitter # 2, Prolific Press, 2014

"A Reunion in Cloverbrook", Under the Bed (Vol. 02 No. 11, August 2014), eFiction Publishing

"Death Cat Saves Halloween", Alternate Hilarities (Volume 1), Strange Musings Press, 2014

"Road Trip to Cedar Creek", Night to Dawn (Volume 25, April 2014), Blood Red Shadows

"The Gardeners of Eden", Biblical Legends Anthology Series: Garden of Eden, Garden Gnomes Publications, 2014

"A Bad Case of Rabies", Mad Scientist Journal (Winter 2014), DefCon One Publishing.

"Via di Porta Angelica", Until the End: An Anthology of Love Vs the Apocalypse, Horrified Press, 2013.  

"Apollo 20", Dark Side of the Moon: A Song Story Anthology, Song Story Press, 2013

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"Fresh Dirt", Children of the Moon: A Werewolf Anthology, Misanthrope Press, 2011