Nebraska State Fair


The Nebraska Writers Guild is proud to have a booth each year at the Nebraska State Fair!
For a vast number of years, the Guild has paid the hefty fee for and manned a booth throughout the eleven days of the Nebraska State Fair. The purposes for having the booth are:
1) to introduce thousands of fair-goers to members of this organization
2) to give those members the opportunity to market their published works
3) to teach the public about the Nebraska Writers Guild
4) to recruit writers into our ranks


Where is the NWG Booth?
The banner and NWG display booth will be found indoors in the 4-H and FFA Building. Contact the State Fair Chair, Charlene Neely ( prior to your planned attendance for exact location.  Booth workers will be mailed a map of the grounds with location of the booth marked.
What does the booth provide?
Following in the long-time footsteps of the beloved Jane Graff, NWG State Fair Chair Charlene Neely, JeanetteBjerrum and Judy Rosenkotter will set up the tables and a couple of chairs, then hand out bookmarks to the children (with a stamp on the back guiding all to this website) and our NWG brochure to interested adults. The biggest job of all booth workers will be to provide answers to the multitude of questions fair-goers ask, such as “Where does a writer get ideas?” or “How long does it take to write a book?” or “Who can belong to your group?” Some people merely glance around, others collect any freebies, and still others want to spend time. We really need three people in the booth at all times, Judy, Charlene and Jeanette will take turns so that one of them is in the booth at all times. Therefore we need two volunteers at all from 9AM until 7PM. It is usually quieter in the evening due to the concerts, so one person can handle it then.
A member wishing to sign up for a four hour stint, must notify Charlene Neely ( of availabity and send her the $4 for the discounted gate pass. Decide in June so Charlene will have time to order and send your tickets and packet. Each writer is responsible for his or her own promotional materials, such as bookmarks or fliers about books for sale.  Casual clothing, comfortable shoes and a rolling conveyance are recommended to transport those books, fliers, etc., a couple of bottles of water, and an extra folding chair from parking lot to booth.
The writers should not expect fair goers to rush up and bombard them with questions or requests for books. Members will have to project their joy and enthusiasm and engage the passers-by of all ages in dialogues about writing and the Nebraska Writers Guild. Promotion is a big part of the business of writing and the State Fair is your opportunity to reach those thousands who stroll through the various exhibits . . . and then you can go enjoy the rest of the fair yourself!            
We also would like to have copies of your book to include in our permanent display, even if you cannot come to the fair. Just contact Charlene and we will make arrangements for getting it to us. Be sure to include some sort of order form/promo lit so that if someone wants the book or more information when you are not in the booth we may give these to them.
Summary Information for Nebraska State Fair:
The fair goes for ten days in late August and early September.
            The booth is open from 9A until 9P
Sign up by emailing Charlene Neely at with date and hours you are willing to work.
Discount passes will be available. Although they will have to be ordered early so that I have time to order them, receive them by mail and mail them to you. So it will be best to sign up early. (These must be paid for in advance)
Dress: Casual and Comfortable
Duties: We are there to represent the Nebraska Writers Guild. We will have brochures to hand out and a notebook to display that tells the advantages of Membership.
You may display any books etc. that you have for sale and hand out ordering information. We are allowed to sell books this year due to the Guild generously paying the additional fee to allow selling. You must be present to sell your books as the bookkeeping gets too complicated to sell books for members not in the booth.
What you need to bring;
wheeled cart to carry supplies from parking is advisable
brochures (50 per hr)
business cards (50 per hr)
other handouts
books for sale or display
cash for change
table top displays and signage
            (limited space)
order forms (for handing out to interested people after you leave the booth)
Your volunteer packet will be mailed with
Discount Passes
Map of grounds
Map of building w/location of booth