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Class Proposal Form

Class Proposal Form

We are currently taking class proposals for our annual Spring Conference in Omaha, NE, April 16-18, 2020. The submission deadline is: December 15th, 2019.

Prior to selecting your class, we may ask for a class outline or additional information. If your class is chosen, you will receive an email. This is a great opportunity to gain some experience and credits for your bio. All teachers will receive FREE admission for the entire event and a small honorarium.

If you have taught a class at an NWG event previously, we are not looking for repeated sessions. Please propose a new class idea.

Please describe your class. If your class is chosen, this will be posted on the website and in the conference class guide, so really sell your class so people will want to come! Check spelling/grammar. 300 words or less please.
Which category does your class fall under?
Previously Presented
Have you taught this class at a conference before?
If yes, list the conferences where this has been taught.
Type your bio here. This will go on the website and in the conference materials. Check spelling/grammar. 300 words max.