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Member Resources

Are you taking advantage of all that the NWG has to offer?

For Members Only

The NWG Email Group:

This is the official message group of the NWG. If you are not a part of this group, you will miss out on important announcements! Don't be left in the dust. Join this group! Click the link above, and then click the blue "Join This Group" button.

NWG Facebook Group:

This is the official Facebook group for the NWG. We post cool stuff in here, so don't miss out by not being a part of it! Click the link above, and then click the Join button.

NWG Social Media Education & Training Facebook Group:

We have some wonderful social media training going on right now in our Social Media Education and Training group. Don't miss out on this opportunity! You can learn how to better utilize social media to get your name out there and sell more books. Go join this group now!

NWG Beta Readers Facebook Group:

Looking for feedback? Need to find someone you can swap your manuscript with? Join the NWG Beta Readers group and post a request. See if you can connect with another NWG member. Maybe you can form your own critique group here. This is the best place to help you find other members looking for feedback. Be sure to join this group.

Form for members to fill out to be on the NWG Author Chat show:

As a member of the NWG, you can be interviewed on the Author Chat show! Just click this link and fill out the form. Someone will get in touch with you to schedule your interview. You can watch the show on our YouTube channel, listed below.


For Members and Non-Members

The NWG Annual Conference Facebook Group:

This group is where you want to be if you want to know the happenings of the upcoming conference. We will announce keynote speakers, class titles and descriptions, who the agents are, etc. And we'll also do some giveaways! You could win discounts off your conference price! Don't miss out. Join today!

The NWG Community Facebook Group:

This group is for interaction with people outside of the guild who have an interest in what our authors are writing, or for those who want to support the guild. This is where our new NWG show, Author Chat, will stream LIVE. You can share good news in this group, when you publish a new book, or have a sale or a reading coming up.

The NWG Facebook Page:

This page is the official NWG Facebook page. Be sure to come click Like!

The NWG YouTube Channel:

Be sure to subscribe to our NWG YouTube channel! Watch our author interviews, and stay current with what your fellow members of the guild are doing.