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NWG Annual Conference

The 2022 Annual Conference 

April 21-23, 2022

Comfort Inn and Suites 7007 Grover St, Omaha, NE

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Group Name:Nebraska Writers Guild Banquet 2022 Room Block

Group Number:AU70L3

Keynote Speaker: New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Nielsen

**Registration Closed!**


Jennifer Nielsen lives in the mountains of Northern Utah with her family and a cat that hallucinates. She is the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Ascendance Series, Traitor Game Series, and other fantasy novels, and the historical novels including A NIGHT DIVIDED, WORDS ON FIRE, and her newest release, LINES OF COURAGE, among others. She loves old books, great movies, and dark chocolate, though not necessarily in that order.

**Registration Closed**

Click here to download the class schedule with descriptions and teacher bios.

Conference Schedule


8:00 am – Registration

8:45 am – Opening Remarks

9:00 am – Writing Sprints

12:00 pm – Lunch (included)

1:30 pm – Class Breakouts

1:30 pm Classes:

The World is Your Oyster: It's All About Mindset – Heather Eager

Creating Characters Your Readers Know – Rachel Trusty

The #ABCs of Online Pitching Events – Miranda Darrow

2:30 pm Classes:

Writing Characters with Disabilities – Lynn Parsons

How to Use TikTok to Raise Your Book Sales – Anne-Marie Meyer

Behind CSI: Forensic Science in Fiction – Melissa Kreikemeier

3:30 pm Classes:

Tame Your Inner Saboteur (Life Coaching) – Rachel Mohr

The Business of Writing: 7 Steps to Treating Your Writing Like a Business – Brandy Prettyman

The Basics of Indie Publishing – Victorine E. Lieske

4:30 pm Classes:

The Unputdownable Page: How to Create Stories Your Reader Cannot Put Down – Jennifer Nielsen

Bring Order to Your Series with Plottr – Heather Justesen

Writing in Deep POV – Amey Zeigler

5:30 pm – Break for Dinner (not included)

7:00 pm – Ballroom C will be open if anyone wants to meet or socialize.



8:00 am – Registration

8:45 am – Opening Comments

9:00 am – Classes Begin

9:00 am Classes:

Writing Strong Supporting Characters of the Four-Legged Variety - Jackie Wallick

So, You Want to Write a Strong Heroine - Michelle Pennington

Editing Samples 101: Red Flags for Indie Authors - Melissa Kreikemeier

10:00 am Classes:

Writing Villains Your Readers Will Love to Hate (2-hour master class) - Jennifer Nielsen

Writing Stylistically for a Younger Audience - Tamara Hart Heiner

The Art of Wise Cracks, Banter, Humorous Retorts, and Smart Assery in Dialogue - Katherine Wielechowski

11:00 am Classes:

Writing Villains Your Readers Will Love to Hate (2-hour master class) - Jennifer Nielsen

Introduction to Poetry - Charlene Pierce

Newsletters from Scratch - Cindy Gunderson

12:00 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Afternoon Classes

1:30 pm Classes:

Building Conflict that Captivates - Lacy Andersen

Behind the Scenes Drama - Lisa Swinton

Nonfiction Writing - Lynn Parsons

2:30 pm Classes:

Fix the Sagging Middle - Johann Twiss

Know Your Weaponry: Blades! - Katherine Wielechowski

Scrivener LIVE! - Danyelle Ferguson

3:30 pm Classes:

The Lies Characters Tell Themselves - Lisa Catmull & Rachel Mohr

Lighten Up Francis! Silencing Your Inner Critic - Sarah Madelin

Emotional Connections in Romance - Victorine Lieske

4:30 pm – Shop in the Bookstore and Socialize

5:00 pm – Break for Dinner (not included)

7:00 pm – Boot Camp



8:00 am – Registration

8:45 am – Opening Comments

9:00 am – Classes Begin

9:00 am Classes:

Creativity as a Skill - Rachel Trusty

How to Mess Everything Up; And Then Try Again - Cindy Gunderson

DIY Book Narration (2-Hour Master Class) - Johann Twiss

10:00 am Classes:

Mess with Their Heads (psychological wounds) - Lisa Catmull

Plotting a Series Without Going Insane - Danyelle Ferguson

DIY Book Narration (2-Hour Master Class) - Johann Twiss

11:00 am Classes:

Layered Stories: Going deeper with your plots, characters, and theme (Best for intermediate writers, but all levels can join) - Jennifer Nielsen

Writing Blurbs, Taglines, and Ad Copy to Sell Your Books - Anne-Marie Meyer

The Recipe for Perfect Romance - Lisa Swinton

12:00 pm – Lunch Break and Business Meeting

1:30 pm – Bookstore Open and Socializing

2:00 pm – Classes Resume

2:00 pm Classes

Is there a Gun in that Story? Don't Blow It! - Doreen Pfost

Simple Stylish Author Websites You Can Design Yourself - Sarah Madelin

Kindle Vella Domination - Michelle Pennington

3:00 pm Classes

Binge-watching to Improve Your Storytelling - Amey Zeigler

Swag Boxes - Tamara Hart Heiner

Turning Life Into Art: Memoir Writing - Margaret Lukas

4:00 pm – Keynote with Jennifer Nielsen

5:00 pm – Raffle Drawing and Closing Remarks

Click here to download the schedule with class descriptions and teacher bios.

**Registration Closed!**

NWG Member Registration Prices:

Saturday Only: $129

Friday and Saturday: $179

Best Price: All Three Days: $219

Non-Member Prices:

All Three Days: $279


Anyone is welcome to join the NWG to get the member price of the conference. Click Here to Join.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations on or before March 15th - $25 Cancellation Fee. Cancellations after March 15th - No Refunds Given


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