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Guild Publications

NWG Publications
Since the founding of the Nebraska Writers Guild in 1925, the members have connected with one another through regular newsletters and an annual BULLETIN.  A visit to the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln and accessing those publications from the Guild's Archives will provide a rich education in how writers have evolved in this great state through the 20th century and into the 21st. A researcher will find notes and reports year after year from people such as Mari Sandoz, John Neihardt, Marion Marsh Brown, Nellie Snyder Yost and so many, many more.
The BROADSIDE, a quarterly newsletter

The "regular" newsletter form of communication for the members has had a variety of names through the years but has been The BROADSIDE since the 1980's.  Its past and current purpose is to keep the membership up-to-date on Guild business with officer, Board and committee meeting reports, as well as to provide news of upcoming member and state literary events in Nebraska and the surrounding region.  Members are encouraged to submit succinct articles that would inform their peers of opportunities, industry changes and insights, as well as to advertise upcoming book releases and signings.    

The BULLETIN, an annual magazine
Containing summaries of the past year's literary and Guild events in the state, as well as member reports and the membership directory, the annual BULLETIN is only available to dues-paid members of the Nebraska Writers Guild and will NOT be available on-line.  Members rightfully perceive it as the historical record of literary life in the state.  
The Yahoo List Serve, a communication tool for dues-paid members
Though some people would not think of e-mail as a type of publication, the Technology Age has evolved this means of written communication into a new voice.  It is obviously technology's answer to letter writing, but with access to many recipients instead of just one. It is a means of rapid communication that tests the writer's skills in succinct clarity. Since the organization is state-wide, this is the one prompt and consistent tool NWG has to bring the membership together. The presiding president of the Guild is the list serve owner and moderator. Currently, Yahoo is providing space for NWG's list.  Once a member's dues are paid, they can send a request for admission and gain access for advertising, questions and commiseration.