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What We Do

PURPOSE: The purpose of the guild shall be the promotion of good fellowship among Nebraska writers; to encourage the recognition of professional writing and writers in the production of fine literature; and to foster the development of the talent of those who desire to write and who show definite possibilities of authorship.

MISSION: Nebraska Writers Guild is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to empowerment and individual growth through involvement with a community of writers and related professionals; promoting authors and the craft of writing through events and publications; and, advancement through professional development.

VISION: Nebraska Writers Guild will:

  • Advocate for literary causes;
  • Nurture creative community;
  • Expand organizational outreach;
  • Foster personal growth through education; and,
  • Increase exposure for members.

VALUES: Nebraska Writers Guild holds a set of values that provide the foundation for its leadership in honoring its original purpose and achieving its current mission and future vision. These include:

  • Community, through
    • Acceptance
    • Advocacy
    • Appreciation
    • Compassion
    • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Professionalism

Our success is measured in the number of people we can help with the quality of programs and services we provide. These programs are fueled by our dedicated staff, caring volunteers and generous donors like you.