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Faith A. Colburn

Faith A. Colburn

Professional Information

Memoir, literary fiction, short stories, occassional poetry

Full Name:
Faith A. Colburn

City of Residence: 
North Platte

Faith A. Colburn is an award-winning sixth-generation Nebraska author. Her fiction has appeared in Kinesis magazine and her poetry has been published in The Reynolds Review. As a public information officer for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, she wrote numerous articles for NEBRASKAland magazine, including a special-issue centennial history of game and fish management in the state, entitled Sportsman's Scrapbook. At the Commission, she gained intimate knowledge of the landscape that often appears as a character/catalyst in her work.

Ms. Colburn has spent several years gathering oral family histories and biographies, including a 100-year memoir of the Seacrest Lincoln newspaper publishing family. During a stint with the University of Nebraska’s Research and Extension Center as a communication specialist, she focused some of her research efforts on the history of a farm family in western Nebraska, a family that amassed 10,000 acres of land over several generations in drought-prone high plains region. As a communications specialist for a Lutheran social ministry organization, she spent five years telling the stories of people with developmental disabilities. The above helped her learn about the glue that holds families and communities together and the wedges that drive them apart. 

Her published books include Threshold and From Picas to Bytes, both family memoirs, and Praire Landscapes, a collection of short nature-based short essays. Three historical novels exist in various stages of revision.

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Published Works: 

Book-length non-fiction:
Threshold: A Memoir
From Picas to Bytes: Four Generations of Seacrest Newspaper Service to Nebraska
Prairie Landscapes

Short Stories:
"Driving the Elephant" -- Kinesis

"Portrait of My Country" -- Reynolds Review

Articles and Editorials:
Too numerous to list or recall in NEBRASKAland Magazine and Nebraska newspapers.