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G. M. Barlean

G. M. Barlean

Dark Fiction, Literary/General/mainstream/suspense

Full Name: 
Gina Barlean

City of Residence: 
David City, Nebraska

G.M. Barlean is a Nebraska Author, writing fiction set in Nebraska. She writes suspense, cozy mystery, and dark, dramatic tales. Her writing voice is down to earth and reflects her small town, rural life. She has published nine books and is always writing more.

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I have a Facebook account: G. M. Barlean

I am an author on Goodreads: G. M. Barlean, Author

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Published Works: 
Casting Stones, published, January 2012 (Novel)
Recipes For Revenge—A Four Course Novel, August 2012 (Novel)
Dead Blow, Febrary 2013 (Novel)
Thorns of Rosewood, Book 1, March 2014 (Novel)
Build a Writing Team, June 2014 (Non-fiction)
Moments of Clarity, September 2014 (Memoir)
The Scary Things, they're out... October 2014 (Short Stories)
Flames of Rosewood, Book 2, July 2015 (Novel)
Bad Blood of Rosewood, Book 3, October 2016