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Kolleen Meyer-Krikac

Kolleen Meyer-Krikac

Full Name: 
Kolleen Meyer-Krikac

City of Residence: 

I am a former teacher and school counselor.  I went into Private Practice in 1998 and own two businesses.  Balanced Life is my life coaching and counseling business.  I also offer speaking and workshops and am working on creating webinars.  I do Ethics and Private Practice workshops for counselors and will be doing workshops on more topics for CEU's in the near future.  

Wilshire Business Suites is my other business, in partnership with my husband.  We bought a commercial building in 2013, gutted it and converted it into a professional office building.  It houses my office as well as 5 others and a conference room that we rent out for meetings and workshops.

One of my undergraduate endorsements is in English so becoming an author is a dream I've had since childhood.  When I was younger, I wanted to write fiction and actually began writing several books while I was in elementary school.  As an adult, I decided that non-fiction is what I am going to focus on, at least at first.   As of September 19, 2017, I published and launched my first self-help book, How to Create Your Balanced Life!  It is available as an e-book and in paperback. I am currently recording the audiobook.

I am also excited to be included in the Voices from the Plains NWG Anthology that was recently published in December 2017.

I am looking forward to getting to know the other authors and to see what the Guild has to offer.

I am unsure whether or not this is the place to put links to my information, so I will put them here for now and if I need to move them to a different location, I will.  My website is:  I have blogs on my website as well as on the ATD Lincoln website:   My Facebook page is:

Published Works: 
How to Create Your Balanced Life  
Voices from the Plains NWG Anthology