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Marilyn June Coffey

Marilyn June Coffey

Creative nonfiction, memoir, fiction, poetry

Full Name: 
Marilyn June Coffey

City of Residence: 
Omaha, NE

Published Works: 

Author of histories (creative nonfiction):
Mail-Order Kid: An orphan train rider’s story
Great Plains Patchwork: A memoir
Thieves, Rascals & Sore Losers: A cheeky account of Nebraska’s power grabbers

Risqué prose & poetry:
Marcella: Internationally published novel
Pricksongs: Tart poems from the sixties
Mas - tur - ba - tion: A rollicking tract
The Battle of Orleans: A documentary

Works by & about Jack Loscutoff:
JackJack & JuneBug: A love song in steamy poems and poignant posts
Aunt Gussie’s Socks: Jack’s memoir
A Line of Shorts: Jack’s Stories