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Sarah Buhrman

Sarah Buhrman

Sci-fi/fantasy, urban fantasy, erotic romance, Mid-grade, YA-fantasy

Full Name: 
Sarah Buhrman

City of Residence: 

Sarah has been writing for more than 20 years. She lives in the middle of nowhere with two monsters (the kids), an ogre (the hubby), and whatever drama-llama is coming to visit this week. Sarah is the author of the Runespells series and the M.A.G.U.S. Chronicles. She has short stories in several anthologies, including Counterclockwise: a Time Travel Anthology, Whispers of Hope, A Twist of Fate, London Calling, Chasing Fireflies, Twisted: a Horror Anthology, and Visions IV: Between the Stars. Sarah also runs 7 newsletters, 3 blogs, author profiles on 6 social media platforms, and a bi-weekly vlog. As Lina Greyce, she is the author of the Hot Fae Knights series.

Published Works: 

"A Time & a Place", Counterclockwise, Aug 2018
"Precious Scars", Whispers of Hope, Jun 2018
His Precious Undoing, Hot Fae Knights #2 (as Lina Greyce), Feb 2018
"Free Gift With Purchase", A Twist of Fate, Dec 2017
Fluffy Bunny, Runespells #2, Dec 2017
"Slings & Arrows", London Calling, Dec 2017
"Scarborough Fair", Chasing Fireflies, Jul 2017
Her Favorite Mistake, Hot Fae Knights #1 (as Lina Greyce), May 2017
Short Horrors for Occult Fans, Apr 2017
"Mirror, Mirror", Twisted: a Horror Anthology, Oct 2016
Too Wyrd, Runespells #1, Sept 2016
"Impact Warning", Visions IV: Space Between Stars, Apr 2016
"A Little Dream", Dreams Eternal Magazine (Issue #1), Jun 2015
Poetry anthology, Crazy, Not Stupid, Apr 2015
Short story anthology, When Life Happens, Don't Blink, Apr 2015
Children's picture book, The ABC Book of Goddesses, Feb 2015