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Steve Bruttig

Steve Bruttig

Full Name: 
Steve Bruttig

City of Residence: 
Murdock, NE

I am a scientist by training (Biology, Zoology, Physiology), but I have begun to enjoy non-scientific writing.  I spent a career in the military (Navy Hospital Corpsman and surgical technician in Viet Nam, Army research scientist, Army research Program Director).  In that service, I traveled to four of the seven continents, mostly on scientific endeavors (Viet Nam excepted).  I have always written a little poetry (mostly doggeral, but maybe a little catteral; none published).  I am writing a fiction novel (on the back burner), but my real effort is in non-fiction (history, reason, logic and philosophy are my tools) in a never-ending search for truth (as opposed to belief, rumor, emotion, fable, legend, fantasy or myth).  I am published only in scientific research literature and have recently completed a non-fiction book (First and Foremost) on origins and controversies, in search of truth.  I am always fascinated by and admire Native American and other aboriginal culture, tradition and principles.

Personally, I enjoy public interaction and public spearking and have some teaching experience.  I have a wide variety of interests, all of which I try to investigate.  My hobbies include reading, traveling, gardening, fishing and hunting, and I am an amateur fossil hunter.  And it goes without saying, I am enjoying my time with the Nebraska Writers Guild.

Published Works: 
First and Foremost, Tate Publishing, 2016 (release due shortly)
I have also written or co-authored many scientific articles, abstracts, review articles and one book chapter.