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Tammy Marshall

Tammy Marshall

Full Name: 
Tammy Marshall

City of Residence: 

I have lived in Nebraska my whole life. I have two kids, and I have been the host mother to seven exchange students. I love to travel abroad to visit them and to expand my knowledge of the Spanish language and the cultures associated with it. I teach high school Spanish along with other language arts classes. I also advise the National Honor Society chapter. Outside of school, I write a regular newspaper column about books, take part in a local book club and writers' group, and I am a proud member of the American Legion Riders. My Harley-Davidson Super Glide was my gift to myself after my divorce, and it was the best present I've ever received. I stay very busy during the summer with rides in parades, for fundraisers, and for Veteran-related things such as funerals where I stand in the flag lines and escorts where we lead the bus of Veterans to various events. I'm working myself through all the Pulitzer prize winners in fictions, and I have an extensive collection of books to which I add regularly. I plan to ride more and travel a lot with my boyfriend, and I hope to buy a house in a warm climate to get away from the cold Nebraska winters. 

I have two self-published books. They are The Clearwater House, copyright 2016, and State of Georgia . . . and Other Writings, copyright 2019.

Published Works: 
I write a regular column about books and book-related topics for the Norfolk Daily News. It appears the first and third Wednesday of each month, and it is called "Novel Thoughts." It can be seen on the website of My novel called "The Clearwater House" as well as my story collection called "State of Georgia . . . and Other Writings" are available for purchase through Kindle or in print-on-demand as books through Amazon. I have a blog dedicated to my three main passions of reading, riding and roaming. It is called Read, Ride and Roam With Me! and can be found at I have another blog which originally was only going to contain sarcastic snarky pieces, but I believe I have more serious things on there than humorous. The name of the blog, though, is Shtick This! and it can be found at I have a wealth of writings that I haven't yet attempted to publish in any capacity -- thus the reason for my joining this organization. I intend to change that, and I intend to do more with my writing than I've done so far.