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The Nebraska Writers Guild Welcomes New Members

The Nebraska Writers Guild welcomes your interest in becoming a member. As a member, you will have access to many benefits, including networking and classes. Join our guild today and become a member of one of the oldest writers guilds in the country.

NE Writers Guild members at a book event

Member Benefits

Member Networking Opportunities

  • Access to a members-only email list serves for advertising of signings, readings and special interest notices from across the region.
  • Access to online critique groups.
  • Guild-sponsored activities promoting members and the writer’s craft including the State Fair booth, Guild tables at literary festivals around the state and promotion through state agencies.
  • The expertise of fellow members for professional references and contacts, as well as a vast variety of “areas of expertise” research resources.
  • Frequent interaction with industry professionals and educators on the Nebraska Writers Guild website, FaceBook page, and Member Blog.

The Nebraska Writers Guild offers aspiring writers, award-winning authors, and everyone in between a network for improving their craft. Dedicated to excellence and success, members encourage and support each other in reaching goals. Under “Speaker’s Bureau” can be found members who have volunteered to participate in the outreach program for civic organizations and schools across the state that allows members to achieve name recognition and advance the prestige of the Guild.

Member Learning Opportunities

We offer free monthly Zoom classes for our members that are on a wide range of subjects. The classes are recorded and made available to all members free of charge on the Teachable platform. If you join, you will gain access to all the previous classes given through Zoom.

Members of the NWG get discounted admission to our conferences, which are held twice a year. (April and October) At the eastern Nebraska spring conference and western Nebraska fall conference scheduled guest professionals and members provide insights about publishing and production. Speaker topics, workshops, and one-on-one exchanges are offered for all writing disciplines. The conferences focus on continuing education and interaction with publishers, editors, producers, and agents.

Member Exclusive Publications

The Guild produces the BROADSIDE, a quarterly newsletter about Guild business and Board reports, upcoming member and state literary events in Nebraska and the surrounding region. The BROADSIDE is also available for public access on this website.

The BULLETIN is the annual catalog of Nebraska’s literary highlights and Guild member activities, as well as a membership directory. The June issue is sent only to current members. Past issues serve as one of the main historical records of the organization and are housed at the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln.

Membership Types

The NWG has several levels of membership. Members reside in many states around the USA, and even a few members in other countries. You do not have to be living in Nebraska or be a published author to become a member. We invite you to join today.


$ 39 per year
  • This is for any aspiring writer or any published author who has contributed to books, magazines, radio, film, or other media to be invented.
  • This is the only membership level with voting privileges.


$ 39 per year
  • Associate members are individuals who support the Guild but do not meet general membership requirements such as volunteers, readers, and librarians.
  • Associate members may not vote or hold office.


$ 33 per year
  • This is for any aspiring writer, 14 to 22 years of age, enrolled in a public or private educational institution who is interested in developing their talent for writing in any form or genre.
  • Student members may not vote or hold office.


$ 49 per year
  • Business memberships are for businesses and professionals who provide services to writers such as acquiring editors, agents, content editors, booksellers, author tour operators, contest sponsors, marketing professionals, book cover designers, filmmakers, videographers, etc.
  • Businesses may connect with our other members to solicit business and/or build professional awareness.
  • Business members who register for Guild activities such as the Annual Spring Conference and the Greater Nebraska Writers Conferences are allowed to set up a display at that event.
  • Businesses who sponsor a Guild event for $200.00 or more receive free registration for that event, the inclusion of their logo on the Guild website for one year from the end of that event, and the inclusion of their logo on event literature (if any).
  • Businesses who sponsor a Guild event for $200.00 or more receive free registration for that event, the inclusion of their logo on the Guild website for one year from the end of that event, and the inclusion of their logo on event literature (if any).
  • Other privileges may be negotiated when setting up the donation.
  • Both for-profit and non-profit business may participate in the Business donation program as well as purchase a business membership.